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16 May 2017
Niagara - Canada

Niagara Falls, Ontario, is a Canadian city at the famous waterfalls of the same name, linked with the U.S. by the Rainbow Bridge. The Journey behind the falls give you a close look of the mighty Niagra. Watching the frothy water tumble at alarming speeds can be mesmerizing. Hop aboard the Hornblower to cruise close to heart of the Niagara and be drenched by it's spray. Then head off to the Whirlpool Aero Car. Smell the roses at the Niagara Botanical Gardens then check out the Skylon Tower for the best view around. The visit to the Butterfly park was also a memorable experience. There are so many things to do in Niagara Falls! Niagara falls at night ,lit with bright colors was an awesome sight. Fireworks at the falls was the perfect ending to our visit.